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Aspiring Barristers was established in December 2017 and within 48 hours of initiation became an active community of over 240 student members. Aspiring Barristers was set up to enable greater mobility at the professional Bar and to increase accessibility into the profession. At Aspiring Barristers we believe that access to the professional Bar must remain a serious option open to all talented aspiring student barristers, irrespective of social status, class, race, ethnicity, gender and religion; characteristics which have previously hindered the paths of many young talented aspiring barristers.

Aspiring Barristers provides a multitude of services, each relating to different skills one must develop and perfect in their journey towards becoming a Barrister. The services offered by Aspiring Barristers are enriched and seasoned by legal professionals who too have encountered and overcome the same obstacles which one may face in choosing to pursue a career at the professional Bar.

Here at Aspiring Barristers, we strongly believe "one’s identity should not be an obstacle in achieving one’s ambitions"


Aspiring Barristers vision is embodied in the following 7 areas of focus:


1)    Peer Support:

Aspiring Barristers provides a cohesive support network regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, class, sex, gender, or creed with a vast array of contacts ranging from well-seasoned Q.Cs at the pinnacle of their career to Bar students and graduates in the infancy of theirs. The advice and support available for young aspiring barristers no doubt serves as a torch lightening the way through the unknown. With a combined wealth of knowledge, Aspiring Barristers provides a platform that allows young aspiring barristers to consult other practitioners or students who have overcome the same obstacles which they may face today. 


2)    Mini-Pupillage Scheme: 

As a precursor to commencing employment as a Barrister one must demonstrate to prospective employers their commitment to a life as a Barrister, which conventionally takes the shape in the form of relevant legal experience whether that be mini-pupillages or paid work in a solicitor's firm. Whether one wishes to embark on a career at the independent Bar or seek employment in-house, work experience is of paramount importance in securing employment as a barrister. Even though one is competing in a hyper-competitive market, Aspiring Barristers will be offering an array of mini-pupillage opportunities which will serve to pave the way in securing employment as a Barrister. 


3)    Mentoring Scheme:

In keeping with Aspiring Barristers' support network, a mentoring scheme will be available which will provide aspiring Barristers with the opportunity to pair with a practicing Barrister for a set period. This service will provide the candidate with the opportunity to build a professional rapport with a practicing Barrister allowing them to observe and learn about the daily rigor involved in being a Barrister.

4)    Advocacy Training:

One of the most alluring characteristics of the Bar for some is the opportunity to perform advocacy on a routine basis. During University these opportunities may have come in the form of mooting or debating where one may experience performing advocacy for the first time. For some Barristers advocacy is a daily part of their working lives. Therefore refining one's skills and developing them thoroughly before one is ‘on their feet’ in the courtroom is a sure-fire way to becoming a competent advocate. Aspiring Barristers will be providing advocacy training which will be led by experienced advocates who are well versed in the nuances of advocacy within a court room context.

5)    Networking Opportunities:

Networking is a fundamental component to the life of a Barrister, whether this be within the context of professional networking for work opportunities or alternatively networking for professional development opportunities. Being confident in your ability enhances your chances of excavating any further opportunities afoot. By attending Aspiring Barristers' networking events one will be able to avail of not only any opportunities for career development, but will also consequently become more confident in their ability to network with professionals effectively.   

6)    Legal Article Publishing:  

In the interest of sharing interesting domestic, national and global legal developments and updates, Aspiring Barristers provides an opportunity for members to contribute to publishing legal articles across its online platforms; in effect allowing one to develop their legal writing skills.

7)    Supporting International Students and Transferring Lawyers:

Aspiring Barristers offers a unique opportunity for both international aspiring barristers and transferring lawyers to receive tailored support with their journey towards qualification at the Bar of England and Wales. Through its team of specialist advisors, aspiring barristers members can feel supported in pursuit of their career at the Bar, whilst simultaneously providing potential opportunities for one to maintain professional working relationships with other legal professionals from different jurisdictions.

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