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Aspiring Barristers recognises the importance that networking can have for one's professional working life and career. 

Through its Networking Programme, Aspiring Barristers' members can expose themselves to meeting other Barristers at varying stages of their careers. This provides members with opportunities to learn from others in the profession as well as to ask any questions to those already working in their chosen career path.

Upcoming networking events as part of Aspiring Barristers' Networking programme include: 

  • Aspiring Barristers: Tea & Coffee Morning (date TBC)

  • Aspiring Barristers: Wine & Cheese Evening (date TBC)

Aspiring Barristers members are also presented with opportunities to meet other members in a more relaxed setting. These social events are a great way to meet and interact with other members who are also part of the Aspiring Barristers community

Upcoming Aspiring Barristers social events include: 

  • Aspiring Barristers' 4th Birthday Social (date TBC)

  • Aspiring Barristers' Christmas Party (date TBC)

Relevant information regarding both networking events and social events (including confirmed dates) will be provided once finalised across Aspiring Barristers' social media platforms.

Participation in Aspiring Barristers' Networking and Social Events are open to both Aspiring Barristers Members and non-Members. 

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