Dr Faiza Javad co-founded Aspiring Barristers with a vision that "talent does not have a colour, religion, gender, social status or age". At the start of her legal journey, Faiza faced countless hurdles which compelled her to build an organisation, Aspiring Barristers, to make the Bar more accessible and approachable.

Through Aspiring Barristers, Faiza aims to provide a much-needed support and guidance system to young aspiring barristers that are gifted with the potential to achieve their dreams, but lack the financial and social privileges that can otherwise make the Bar inaccessible.

Faiza comes from a STEM background, having completed a Masters and a PhD in Neuroscience at University College London (UCL). She has since undertaken the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) at City University. 

Outside of Law, Faiza enjoys playing basketball, badminton and mountain hiking as well as writing poetry and painting.  

Co-Founder and CEO

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Co-Founder and Executive Director

Alice co-founded Aspiring Barristers as she is a strong believer that the Bar should be a serious option open for all talented individuals, irrespective of personal characteristics, background or means. Alice was motivated to co-found Aspiring Barristers as she appreciates the importance of social mobility initiatives to support students who, like herself, may not otherwise be or feel that they are in a position to pursue this particular career path in the same way as their more privileged counterparts. It is through Aspiring Barristers' focus on accessibility, openness and diversity at the Bar that Alice remains committed to continue with its further development and expansion to ensure as many students requiring such support, are reached.

Having secured a First-Class Honours degree in Law, Alice proceeded to complete the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). She has also completed further study at the University of Oxford having been awarded the Kalisher Trust-Wadham Student Scholarship, studying for the MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Alice’s career ambition is to practise at the Criminal Bar. Alongside criminal practise however, she hopes to use the insight gained from studying Criminal Justice beyond academia and use her knowledge to influence necessary policy change more widely as appropriate; notably, the injustice surrounding wrongful convictions and criminal trial disclosure failings.

Outside of Law, Alice enjoys playing the Piano and Street Dancing competitively. 

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Treasurer and 

Data Protection Officer

Jackie wanted to join Aspiring Barristers because she believes the Bar vitally needs better diversification to reflect the society that is serves. She believes Aspiring Barristers as an access organisation not only provides vital support and assistance to those aspiring to enter into the profession, but has done so in such a way which keeps its ethos of ‘accessibility, inclusivity and diversity' at the forefront of its various initiatives; an ethos which aligns with Jackie’s belief that more proactive steps need to be taken to improve diversity at the Bar. 

Jackie is a LLB Law graduate from the University of Lincoln which included a year abroad studying for a Masters course in International Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law at Radboud University, The Netherlands. She has recently completed the BVS LLM course at City, University of London with specialisms in Family Law and Criminal Advocacy. Jackie’s ultimate ambition is to work as a Family and Criminal Law Barrister, advocating in particular for those affected by Domestic Violence, Forced Marriages and FGM.


Outside of Law, Jackie enjoys cooking traditional dishes from Latin America to keep in touch with her Peruvian heritage.

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Head of Legal Content Writing and Senior Editor

Maddison completed her LLB at the University of Lincoln in 2020 and is currently awaiting to start the BPC at the ICCA in 2022. She is an aspiring barrister hoping to join a mixed set of chambers in London.

Maddison has been following Aspiring Barristers since it was established in 2017; the same year that she started her LLB qualification. As she has keenly kept up with Aspiring Barristers since, she was excited to have the opportunity to become a part of the Legal Content Writers team as a contributor and since in her position as Head of the Legal Content Writing team. Maddison is also Aspiring Barristers’ Senior Editor, primarily responsible for reviewing, editing and formatting articles produced by Aspiring Barristers’ Legal Content Writers.

Outside of Law, Maddison has numerous interests, in particular: baking, tennis, polo, travelling, reading, and of most importance to her, walking her two dogs.