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Aspiring Barristers' Book Club enables participants to discuss with other individuals and professionals interesting and thought-provoking literature covering a broad range of topics and writing styles. 

Participating in Aspiring Barristers' Book Club provides a great opportunity for aspiring student barristers to enhance their oral advocacy skills in a relaxed environment by contributing to discussions alongside their peers. It also broadens one's reading choices by engaging with a variety of different literature including (but not limited to) books, novels, poems, graphic novels, journal articles, case Judgments and autobiographies.

Each Book Club meeting is Chaired by either a Barrister, Solicitor, Judge or Academic and takes place on the last Thursday of each month (excluding December) at 6:30-7:30pm (unless informed otherwise). All Book Club discussions take place over Zoom and participants are sent the login details ahead of each meeting. 

Prospective Chairs may find the Book Club Joining Pack of interest which can be found here and includes further information about the Book Club itself and frequently asked questions from members.  

If you are a professional who would be interested in volunteering to Chair an Aspiring Barristers' Book Club meeting, please contact Aspiring Barristers at expressing your interest.

The books to be discussed at each meeting for 2022 are as follows: 

•    30th June 2022 – 'The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How Its                Broken' by the Secret Barrister.

28th July 2022 – 'Spider Women: A Life' by Lady Hale. 

•    25th August 2022 – 'Nothing But The Truth: Stories of Crime, Guilt and              the Loss of Innocence' by the Secret Barrister. 

•    29th September 2022 – 'The Genesis Inquiry' by Olly Jarvis. 

•    27th October 2022  – 'Justice on Trial: Radical Solutions For a System at            Breaking Point' by Chris Daw QC. 

•    24th November 2022 – 'In Black and White: A Young Barrister's Story of            Race and Class in a Broken Justice System' by Alexandra Wilson.

•   December 2022 – No Book Club meeting. Books for 2023 will be released        in early December.


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