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Applications for the Mini-Pupillage Scheme are currently closed. Further information about when applications re-open will be posted across Aspiring Barristers' social media platforms in due course. 

Aspiring Barristers' Mini-Pupillage Scheme provides opportunities for aspiring student barristers to undertake a Mini-Pupillage with one of our partner Chambers. 

The purpose of the Mini-Pupillage scheme is to provide aspiring student barristers with an insight into what it means to be a barrister in practise in their preferred area of law and to learn first-hand whether a career at the professional Bar is something they would like to pursue. 

Aspiring Barristers' Mini-Pupillage Scheme runs annually and is open to all aspiring student barristers. Applications are particularly welcome from those early on in their journey towards the Bar; University students and those who have not yet started the BPTC/BVS/BTC.

Further information regarding when applications are being accepted will be posted across Aspiring Barristers' social media platforms and website in due course.

Participation in the Mini-Pupillage Scheme is available exclusively for Aspiring Barristers Members only.

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